30 Before 30

Thirty things to do before turning thirty.

In just a few days, I’ll be turning 23. TWENTY-THREE—and still, according to my previous bucket list, nowhere near finishing even one. I am still hopeful of accomplishing even just a few for within this year, despite the fact that I have decided to be on hiatus from stressing myself out there. It’s clearly unproductive, I know, but I have come to the realization that the break I am having now has given me enough time and courage to face the outside world in the coming days ahead.

I have pretty much summed up the things that I wanted to do, like the path I would like to venture, the career options, etc. I know that it’s scary. It’s totally different from my own comfort zone and that it would take A LOT of sacrifices to overcome the challenge that is the real world.

The days I’ve spent at home with my family and with close friends aren’t enough to gain me the experiences that I would even want myself to achieve. Therefore, I have created this new bucket list as a challenge for the soon-to-be-out-from-hiatus early-twenties’ self to rediscover herself and the world around her—proving herself wrong that it’s not that scary as what she thinks it is.

So, here it is. My newest and last 30 before 30 (no more revisions!)—all with high hopes to be finished before I’ll become thirty years old… (Some of these were mentioned in my previous bucket list from my old blog and I’ve added some new stuffs, too)


  1. Travel Alone
  2. Go to a Music Festival
  3. Read at least 1,000 books
  4. Witness the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
  5. Visit the houses, memorial sites or graves of some of my favorite authors
  6. Watch a Meteor Shower
  7. Jump off a cliff or a waterfall
  8. Participate in a zombie-themed race/marathon/event.
  9. Get to watch at least twenty concerts of some favorite bands
  10. Post a singing video of myself or perform in front of a crowd my own personal composition
  11. Spend a night on the beach
  12. Go to Disneyland
  13. Join BookCon
  14. Kiss someone on top of the Eiffel Tower
  15. Spend a New Year’s Eve on either Times Square, Sydney Harbour Bridge, River Thames or Burj Khalifa
  16. Go Skydiving
  17. Create and post at least one travel, a-day-in-the-life, event or any type of vlog on youtube
  18. Help out a Suicide or Mental Health Awareness organization
  19. No drinking of any soda or softdrinks for one whole year
  20. Lose weight and stay fit
  21. Give random strangers some of my all-time favorite books
  22. Finish any professional cooking and/or baking course
  23. Take a roadtrip with no planned destination
  24. Volunteer in a dog shelter
  25. Move out from my parents’ house and stay in a place of my own
  26. Write a book and get it published
  27. Be someone else for one night only: Introduce myself with an alias name and an alias life
  28. Be part of a Disaster Relief Team
  29. Learn three more languages: Spanish, Japanese and French
  30. Fall in love


I’m not going to elaborate more on the details of each item on the list. I know they all sound cheesy and all that but my fingers are crossed to get all of these crossed-out by the time I become thirty by 2024.


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